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Airbrush Tanning IndianapolisWe offer custom airbrush tans using 2 different brands of solution- Norvell and Vani-T. Norvell is used frequently because it is more economical. Vani-T is a higher end solution, and is an organic and vegan product. Vani-T is used on Victoria Secret models and is listed in Elle magazine as the top solution for spray/airbrush tans. Vani-T lasts longer than most solutions and tends to fade evenly compared to others. Norvell lasts 5-7 days where Vani-T lasts 10-14 days..

I have both products and have had great outcomes using each, but like most of my clients, I prefer Vani-T. It lasts longer and there are more rapid tan color choices. With Vani-T, no one has that dreaded orange look.

One key to getting a great tan is getting the right color of  solution for your skin tone. At Liquid Sunshine we carry many different colors of solution in each brand to match the skin tone of our client. We also mix colors to create a custom or contour tan.

Another key to our custom tan is using an airbrush gun as opposed to a spray tan gun. I have both, but prefer an airbrush because an airbrush is able to get every spot of your body like a detailed painting. Most first time clients are pleased and surprised at the detail of their tan.

How long does this take? Anywhere from 15-25 minutes.

Norvell Regular tan – $35
Norvell Rapid tan – $40
Vani-T Regular tan – $50
Vani-T Rapid tan – $55

Hydro firm post-sunless moisturizing spray – $7
Mobile tan – $15

mobile tanning indianapolis


We come to you!  Experience our mobile pop-up tanning both that includes an extraction fan that captures any overspray.  This available for individuals wanting a private session and is a great option for tanning parties.

Mobile tanning is $15 per person if you are in a 15 mile radius of the salon address. Add $5 per person for each 10 miles after that. (unless you are getting a group discount on a tanning party)

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Please call 317-431-8808 for pricing. Group discounts will apply.  We recommend that the bride and her bridal party get a “practice tan” to ensure the look that you want for your special day.


Please call 317-431-8808 for special group pricing.  What a unique and fun way to party!

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